David Blaine (yaaaawwwnnn)

David Blaine is one of those particularly irritating celebrities that does nothing worthwhile (ok, that probably applies to most of them), but is able to get rich on the backs of others. Most of his 'illusions' are rehashes of better versions created by those with true talent who preceded him, and he plays clever word games so as not to fall foul of legal action when claiming his illusions are not camera tricks, when that is exactly how they are achieved.

And his appearance on British breakfast TV when he was clearly out of his head, and couldn't even manage the courtesy of a few words for the presenter – if you don't count showing him an eye drawn on the palm of his hand – was just a sign that his ego needed to brought back to reality.

My thanks to the publisher of David Blaine's Magic Revealed for giving at least a little of the game away.


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