Or just honest coincidence?

Suffering from frustration as a '10 minute' web page moved into its 7th hour, the lighter evening offered an hour's break with a walk to the nearby 24 hour super-shop, at least starting in the light even though it was 9 pm. Taking way longer than planned, even the self-service checkout decided it wasn't going to read the barcodes, and I had to get an operator to manually accept the items – this is usually a smooth operation that beats the staffed checkouts.

Anyway, now rather later than planned, I was about 10 minutes from home, and about to pass a guy that had been ahead of me for some time, stuck to the inevitable mobile phone. I wanted to hurry past as I was dressed up for the weather, but he was only wearing a sleeveless T-shirt (ok, plus trousers etc) and little things like that can signal nearby trouble.

However, I pulled up short when he called out my first name as I drew level with him. "Remember me"?

Er… um… (familiarity, but no name popping up).


Yup, that was enough. We'd been at school together, not particular friends, but knew each other well enough. Turns out he was waiting for a lift, hence the lack of jacket.

We were also both 'between jobs' now. He'd gone into the motor trade and ended up managing a BMW dealership, but had walked away recently as "70+ hours a week wasn't on" when it became the norm, rather than the exception. Now he's training to be a driving instructor, and plans to be self-employed. I'm told it's a good number if you can make it work.

Geez. I can barely recognise folk I've just met, let alone years later! Still, might be a good sign if it means I don't look as decrepit as I feel 🙂


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