Don’t cross the line

I've become increasingly concerned that the police in the UK are more interested in generating numbers that show they are succeeding in catching offenders and gaining conviction to please the masters in government, who are entranced by targets and performance statistics.

I see increasing numbers of those I describe as soft targets – basically law-abiding people who would no sooner deliberately commit a crime that poke one of their eyes out, being carted off for some trivial offence. They contrast with the career law-breaker who has a season ticket to court, and and happily asks for two or three hundred similar offences to be taken into account to lessen their sentence. Unlike them, ordinary people are probably petrified by this process, and may even have their jobs and livelihood jeopardised as a result.

It seems I'm no longer alone, as this nonsense has made it onto our national TV. "Tonight With Trevor McDonald (News). From the 13-year-old girl arrested for throwing a snowball to the driving instructor taken to court for splashing a constable, Jonathan Maitland investigates recent cases causing concern that law-abiding citizens are becoming soft targets for the police".

Be interesting to see if they come up with any conclusions. Why go after a someone experienced at playing the system when you can tick the box and ensure a conviction against someone who's effectively at a disadvantage?

This country places a total ban on handgun, citizens can not even possess them, yet teenagers can still get hold them and demand 'respect; from their peers by carrying them. Shootings continue to escalate, yet the police have time to devote to snowball-throwing and splashing by people guilty of nothing more than a little carelessness.


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