No surprises then

Well the documentary on soft target didn't bring any great revelations.

The main players declined to participate, so there was no input from either Association of Chief Police Officers, or the Home Office. Shame, or shamefull?

The authorites now seem to be in fear of those who are likely to stand up to them.

We have housing estates and shopping centres being terrorised by 10-13 year old kids, apparently free to vandalise and steal as they please, because the police say that when they do apprehend them, they are forced to release them without charge because they are too young.

However, when a 13 year old schoolgirl's snowball misses her friend in the street, and goes on to break a car's side window (which she does not attempt to deny) she ends up being taken away for interview, fingerprinted, DNA sampled and has her mug shot taken for police records.

Only difference I can see is that one comes from background where they are repeat offenders, while the other is from a respectable family, horrified by the arrest process.


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