Touring Cars

The BTCC(British Touring Car Championship) is back on the telly, which is great. Having been a faithful attendee at Knockhill when they first came to Scotland, telly is the way to watch if you want to see the race. Being there means all you see is the cars whizz by once per lap, the real benefit of attending is the paddock walks and the stalls and show tacked on the event.

Knockhill's not the best location either, unless you buy a season ticket, you can't drive there on race days as the access is poor and there's isn't enough space for all the cars. Without a season ticket, you're ambushed by police and stewards stationed on the approach road and have leave your car behind (with all the stuff you brought and can't carry) and use the Par & Ride bus service. Sorry, did it once, and I can think of better ways to spoil a good day out.

Anyway, I'd like to see the fool that thought it would be "Cool" to attached video clips to the driver's names whenever they appear on-screen during the race up against a wall and shot. These are intensely irritating every time they appear. Why? Because every time they appear, the driver is looking off screen and then turns their head and stares into the camera. Try as hard as you might not to, you'll find your brain's hardwired to make your eyes glance at anyone that turns to stare at you like that, and the same thing happens each time these clips appear at the bottom of the screen.

The same idiot probably designs web sites full of advert in their spare time. You know the ones, covered in "Cool" animations to make sure you notice them, but more likely to trigger some sort of epileptic fit, catatonic trance or vomiting.


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