Treat me like an idiot

This could cover a number of subjects, but today's vent was triggered by the ITV's Formula 1 programme, which features one of those phone-in competitions that isn't.

With questions along the lines of "What kind of milk can be poured into a glass"? select one from:

(a) milk (you know, the liquidy, runny white stuff)

(b) milk chocolate 

(c) milk bottle

(d) milk bar 

(e) cheese 

Which is then followed by a premium rate 09XXX telephone number for you to dial, at which point your phone account gets stung at the rate of £1.50 per minute you are kept on the line to give your answer. Yes, they really will be running to the phone to get your answer quickly and without delay. If you're lucky, they'll be legit, and the maximum charge will be capped. If not… tick, tick, tick…
And then, you have noticed that having the correct answer doesn't actually mean you're onto a prize, haven't you?

All that clever answer gets you is a paid entry into a draw for the big prize. Not a lot of skill or effort needed for that then.

I wish they's just say they were having a draw for the prize, and you can buy an entry for £5 if you're interested.

But that wouldn't draw in so many suckers, would it?


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