Green Loonies still a problem

So I own and drive sports cars, or at least what are perceived by others as sports cars.

Today, the news tells us that TVR are laying off staff because of falling sales of their sports cars. Cue the specialist reporter, and the newsworthy point that sports cars are no longer seen as as popular because they have an image of being gas-guzzling and environmentally unfriendly, so buyers are turning away from them.


Maybe TVR's legendary unreliability and cost might be a better place to look.

As for the gas-guzzling environmentally unfriendly idea, if that really was on the buyer's agenda when they were purchasing a vehicle, then I wonder who's buying the hordes of huge 4×4s that are swarming all over our streets nowadays, consuming fuel at a rate of anything down (or is that up?) to 7 mpg when crawling around city centre traffic jams?

The media needs to get a grip and stay in touch with reality, and not spend its time trying to spin every news item into a contrived environmental issue, just so they can always be seen to have some sort of responsible public profile.


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