Social brainwashing (and jealousy)

I spotted a thread in one of my semi-favourite forums this afternoon, reason being it had spawned 3 pages in a few hours, which is relatively unusual, and generally indicative of something interesting. It was, not the subject this time, but the posters.

It started innocently enough "What would you do if you saw what we saw: able-bodied people parking in a supermarket car park, using the spaces which the supermarket has signed for disabled users"?

Fair question, but supermarket spaces aren't legally segregated, so anyone can use any space they like. I've never parked in one, primarily for the reason that I have the choice, and don't need to i.e. I just don't want to in case I have to. Reasons aside, there are always unbadged cars in those spaces, though even in busy car parks I've never seen every single disabled space occupied. There were a few responses ranging from "tut-tut" to "burn their cars", then it got interesting.

Forgetting the original point, the posts moved quickly into the jealousy phase, observing that "these folk are always driving BMW, Mercedes, Audi" and "you never see a Mondeo or Civic" before it was past the first page. Really? I've seen plenty where I shop. Maybe I live in a deprived area.

From there, it was all downhill, posts about the mantal abilities of Audi drivers (if true, they'd actually be entitled to the spaces!) and having started off with a disabled parking, someone posted their own pet peeve of a Bentley that parks below the window of their flat, on a street corner with markings denoting No Parking at Any Time. So that was an excuse to suggest the owner was lazy etc., and then how there was always the potential for a paperweight or similar to fall from one of the flat windows.

I was sorely tempted to post, but as anything I'd contribute to a thread as daft as that would be contrary to its popular content, things would just get messy. Still, it was interesting to see how social brainwashing and programming affects some, and how a little bit of jealousy appears to be able to both amplify it, and make them forget it.


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