Charles (cough-cough) Ingram

Britain remains a strange country sometimes. Equally happy to call for major politicians to be thrown out of their positions for playing with their secretary's, but then happy to have convicted million pound fraudsters get free publicity for their pathetic appeals of (cough-cough) innocence, and their latest book. Not to mention a pat on the back for being poor, discharged bankrupts needing to make a success of their new career as a novelist (since they had to leave their Major's position in the army) and their wife is still an undischarged bankrupt, working hard in her wee business.

I've never paid much attention to this case, but the publicity I saw at the time didn't leave me in much doubt, nor did the accuseds behaviour – odd to say the least. I had a quick hunt around the net, and that didn't help, as it seems some of their family have (they claim) disappeared now after apparently commiting fraud, unrelated to the millionaire stuff.

As for the novel?

Well, I don't think I'll be worrying about anyone being trampled in the stampede to buy it, except the gullible that want it because the "millionaire fraud" wrote it. Mercifully, time ran out on the news spot he wangled just as he got to his free advert, but essentially it seems to be a fairly daft plot set around a terrorist attack on London using a nuclear fission bomb, we didn't get any more detail, but you have to wonder with his millionaire (cough-cough) track record why he didn't go the whole hog and give them a nuclear fusion bomb. Maybe he's gone all humble.

He claims he based the writing on knowledge gained from his military career. Well, I ain't got no military career, and I'd lay a bet on any terrorist bomb used in London, or elsewhere, being of the "dirty nuclear" variety.

Although there's always fairy stories about "any physics graduate" being able to design a nuclear bomb, the actual build needs one or two specialist parts that can't be assembled from chewing gum and string, and would need extremely deep infiltration of manufacturers and suppliers to obtain. Granted, not impossible, but certainly not easy (assuming they keep these unique components securely locked away).

On the other hand, various radioactive materials are more generally available, and can be had lying around the old Soviet lands for free according to some. Some are in very fine powder form, and dispersing them by an explosive or other distribution device could have horrific effects.

Worse still, radiation is invisible until the effects become apparent, the smart terrorist would employ a silent dispersal for the contaminant, spread over a number of sites to get the maximum effect.

I've no sympathy for Charles (cough-cough) Ingram et al, he played for high stakes to try and clear his debts, and got caught. He's lucky not to be in jail. He's also lucky to be able to get free publicity and publisher for his novel, naff or otherwise. If I wrote exactly the same book, I'd have to spend the next portion of my life just finding a publisher to accept it, and I'd be very, very lucky to get on the news to publicise before it became newsworthy.


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