“in a friendly and non-threatening manner”

I thought this quote deserved its own title.


It does concern me that they thought they had to go to the extent of specifically making that statement in respect of the questioning at the passport interview.

What sort of country are we coming to live in under the present regime?

Where is it going to go? No-one would ever expect to see a level of security removed, so this is just the start of more and more intrusion, all piggy-backed on 'anti-terrorism' needs, so you can't be critical of it, unless you want to be considered a supporter of terrorism.

What does the future hold as the questions become more invasive, and the detail "more detailed" as it goes biometric?

Does this mean the nature of the interview will change from "a friendly and non-threatening manner" if the applicant refuses to answer any of the points raised by the interviewer?

"I'm terribly sorry Sir. Did my large, decorative glass paperweight roll off my desk there, and just happen to land on your kneecap?"

I don't deny that's a silly statement, it's mean to be, no answer means no passport, and that's fair enough – you want a powerful document, you answer the questions. The emphasis just seems to be moving to the wrong place.

The important thing should be the validation of the information, and the Home Office doesn't seem to be too good at that, especially at the moment with Mr Clarke, and that's just what we know about.


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