TVR no more

Production at the Blackpool factory has slumped from 12 cars a week to just two. The firm was bought two years ago by Russian millionaire Nikolay Smolensky. TVR, which makes five different models, was founded in 1947 by Trevor Wilkinson, who used three letters from his first name for the company title.

Unless no-one's noticed, the UK is becoming a service oriented economy. Its cost of manufacture in a global market just makes it an uneconomic base for anything that can be screwdrivered together elsewhere in the world for less. All we have is lots of ordinary people picking up their wages for selling other ordinary people stuff imported cheaply from abroad, in other words, they're not generating any wealth, just re-organising it internally.

And the more places like TVR that close, or split and move their facilities aborad, the worse that will get.

We're not in doldrums yet, this country is still a source of innovation, and that can draw in investment, but we're still hopless at capitalising on it, and the Americans, Japanese, Koreans etc. are still the real winners.


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