I wasn't intending to let adverts creep in here, a bit too much like lambs to the slaughter in a way, but some of methods and drivel that have been presented in the past few days have just been too much to bear. Plus, with the added agonies of being laid up for a few days, there really should be enough TV to use a distraction, and do some channel-hopping to get way from them, but in reality, even that doesn't work.

Even taking refuge on that pillar of society, the fine, upstanding BBC is little better if you pick the wrong time. True, you're not likely to get an as-break during one of their programmes, but make the mistake of surfing through on the hour, or half-hour, and you're likely to be subject to a seemingly endless stream of trailers for future programmes, and incessant station ident features they've apparently paid tens of thousand of (licence-payers) £pounds for. I'm getting tired of watching bouncing Maasai warriors and disabled basketball players rolling their wheelchairs around between the real programmes. It would be nice if someone at BBC News could lose the deeply irritating pulses that sound throughout the intro music for the News – it may have been a novelty once, but now the constant peep – peep – peep every second in the run up to the programme is just annoying, all the more so on the digital News 24 service, where is seems to run for ages as filler before each hour starts.

As if it wasn't bad enough, Philips have invented a system which would result in the user's remote controls being disabled when the adverts come on, to prevent the user from fast-forwarding through them, or channel-surfing. It's only a small step from that to killing the remote whenever the adverts are on, so you can't even reduce the volume.

For some reason, they appeared to think this might not be popular. Wonder why?


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