I used the wrong ladder

I'd love to work in the claims department of one of those ambulance-chasing legal companies that offers to get money for the idiots they use to portray claim situations in their TV adverts.

I'd get so much fun bursting out laughing when they crawled in with their claims.

Case 1

  • Bloke sets ladder against wall, climbs up and starts working, whereby the ladder slides down the wall and he claims to have terrible injuries, and that he was given the wrong ladder. TOUGH. There wasn't anyone twisting his arm up his back to use or climb the ladder, and there's probably another room-full of lawyers and solicitors waiting to take the employer to court if they had forced him to.

Case 2

  • Woman walks into big expensive reception area, and claims she slipped on a wet floor and smashed her leg when she fell because there wasn't a sign. TOUGH. Open your eyes and look where you're walking, and wear proper shoes if you're out to walk, and not look good to get eyeballed. Wonder if they'd have made the same claim if it had been Joe's Greasy Spoon she fell in?

The folk that make these adverts should be shot, instead of producing something that makes me think of using them (like I ever would, there's plenty of real lawyers and solicitors out there), they produce comedy shows that have me rolling about the floor in laughter at the supposed 'victims'.

And, if I need to say it, the comments have nothing to do with real life cases of genuine accidents or carelessness. 


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