Unbelievably arrogant

I've been spending a bit of time in the Google Maps API Group over the past few weeks, and its been an eye-opener in terms of the arrogance (can't think of a better word) of some of the people that post in there, pleading for assistance.

The API been rev'd from version 1 to version 2. Google warned that V2 would would replace much of the V1 functionality (the mapping is still a beta app) so after I got the general hang of the thing, I abandoned it on the basis that it was daft to learn something new, only to have to forget it with the arrival of revised, incompatible methods after a few weeks.

Anyway, back to the Maps API Group. API's aren't necessarily the easiest of programming tools to get to grips with, especially if they're based on JavaScript, and it isn't your language of choice, however I reckon it's only common courtesy to make an attempt, and at least master some of the basics before jumping into a group and taking up time with trivial queries. Not so for many who post queries in the Maps Group – I have to say I'm impressed by the patience of the few gurus in there that tirelessly answer these questions, especially when it's clear that the questioner hasn't bothered to try and learn any of the details required to get the API functional. They just want something handed to them working, and they want it NOW! Not surprisingly, there are occasions where someone does jump in and give them an answer along the lines of suggesting they go learn something first, but it's not seen often, or moderated out quickly.

Then there's the sad cases, people clearly keen to use the nice maps, and with good ideas, but from their questions, unlikely ever to master any programming at all, let alone an API. However, those same patient gurus do help them out as far as they can, but they won't always be on tap.

Still, for the rest of us that are melting our brains and trying to get together with the API and the weirdness of unfamiliar JavaScript, they do provide a handy teaching resource, and deserve a Thank You for that at least.


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