£7,000,000 – Pardon?

I had to look twice at this one, I just didn't believe the amount being asked for the place, even if it is in the centre of Glasgow. The price obviously reflects the property value, rather than the standing of the restaurant – I've only walked into the place once, and walked out faster than I walked in.

One of Glasgow's landmark restaurants is up for sale at an asking price of £7 million. The Rogano opened in 1935 and became a Glasgow institution with its Art Deco design (the interior bar is modelled on that of a luxury cruise liner). It became well known for its seafood and became a haunt of local businessmen. These days, it has been accused of resting on its laurels, with slow service and high prices – main courses cost around £20.

Quite how anyone could sit and enjoy a meal with the smell of rotten fish that pervades the atmosphere of the place is beyond me. I'd have to take up smoking just to get something to mask it, preferably cigar or pipe, with some thick-cut black in it. Makes me wonder what it does smell like now, as I noticed many places are having to have their ventilation and air conditioning fixed now that we have a public smoking ban in place – apparently the lack of smokers and the stench they caused is revealing the true smell of many establishments, and it's not good.


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