Scottish Tourism – Dying or Being Killed?

I posted this on a local discussion forum, but thought I'd like to have it here too for later reference:
Considering the supposed importance of tourism to Scotland's economy, now that its industry has been wiped out (compared to its former self), I wonder that that 'cost-cutting' exercises keep popping up in the news, apparently aimed at doing anything but keeping those all-important tourists happy, and enticing them to return.

We've already seen the loss of the local archivist that was (we're told) attracting tourists interested in genealogy. A Glasgow business man has stumped up £200,000 to keep a number of Glasgow's museums open on Mondays. A Dunoon wildlife attraction has been closed by red tape and expense, and Glasgow Zoo was shut down only a few years ago.

Now Culross Palace and the adjacent Bessie Bar tearoom are to close every Tuesday and Wednesday during the tourist season, and most NTS buildings are closed from 1 October to the end of March, so the season is their busiest period.Add to that the difficulty in finding somewhere to buy fuel in anything resembling a rural area in Scotland. In 1990, there were 1,723 outlets across Scotland, but that figure has now tumbled to 970, with distances of up to 20 miles between garages. Not only that, and a problem I can confirm, being rural, most of these will be closed for business by 6 pm, so if you haven't filled up before then, you'd better find somewhere to spend the night, or risk running out. Or plan ahead, and find out where  the 24 hour ones are.The lack of facilities, and I don't mean in your opinion or mine, but of the tourists we're supposed to value, and the relatively high cost of holidaying in Scotland (which seems to be getting higher as more hoteliers and landlords chase the 'corporate' pound), can't be helping, and these closures – on the basis of cost savings – just seem to confirm that far from attraction visitors, we're driving them away.


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