Adverts stink

The start of a new week, and the advertising onslaught continues.

Despite subscribing to the Mailing Preference Scheme (which does work once you allow time for your request to enter the system) the advertisers can bypass its requirements by NOT mailing their unwanted waste paper to me.

Along with the normal mail (the stuff with a stamp on it) our postmen (postpeople? postpersons? postwomen? I hate PC) drag around unmailed mail. Blank envelopes addressed to "The Occupier" or "The Householder". Still filled with the same insurance/banking/credit/gas/phone/electricity etc etc tripe that's of no value to anyone except a cat, for litter.

The worst thing about these is that there's nothing you can do to stop them – it's not mail, since it's been hand delivered and not posted.

Well, the only positive things I can say about this trash are that it does actually come in handy to pad out the cat litter (really, that's where it goes after shredding) and it provides me with a list of companies that I will never (let me repeat NEVER) be using the services of. This week that's:

LLoyds TSB Insurance, MBNA Insurance Service, and NTL.

NTL will always be listed, as their mailings are very expensive glossy, colour printed card, and an absolute waste of money and resources, yet they arrive on my doormat incessantly ever since they laid their cable down my street and I chased their salesman (salesperson? saleswoman? I hate PC) for his life . 


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