Bad day… or two… or three…

Frustration comes in but one flavour: very!

I can usually find my way around programming languages or constructs I'm not familiar with, at least to the extent that while I might not be able to write in them, I can debug and re-write with moderate success.

Google maps announced they were going to up the version of their hot little map API just after I found Version 1, so after getting the hang of the basics, I reckoned it was pointless expending any effort on learning the advanced stuff, knowing that the arrival of Version 2 would see most of it being switched off soon after, and the idea has worked out pretty much as expected, with even a period of grace to get any code changes made to get V1 apps running with the V2 API. Of the three reasonably serious apps I cobbled together, two fitted in with the new V2 options once the code was tweaked, which was handy as they were largely built on the same code, one a bit cleverer than the other, while the third was more involved as it used two maps displaying different views of the same data simultaneously in order to provide more info at a glance. You guessed it… app number 3 didn't want to know.

Although its maps were soon converted to use the new function calls, the markers and circles showing the points of interest on the map remained absent, and no amount of code fiddling would prise them out of their xml home and onto the map.

I wouldn't mind so much if the code was particularly complex, but it's almost the same as the code that's working fine in the other two apps. In fact, it's exactly the same code, with only a couple of variable name changes, and different data content.

I even tried a straight swap of the names and data – between the working and non-working apps. The working one works fine with its original data, but fails with the other's data, while the non-working app just doesn't read any xml data, ever.

I've added code to show them reading the data; in the working app, the loop starts, and clicks through each data line as expected, yet in the non-working app, with the same code and data, the loop starts, clicks through its first increment, reaches the line that parses the data – and promptly proceeds to exit the loop. I know that should tell me something, but since the same code and data work inside another script, I'm just too thick to see what it's telling me.

Bad day three, and four as well I suspect, are looming. Just as well I have developed infinite patience.


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