Goodbye AXA – Reap as Ye Sow

AXA Investments run a particularly annoying set of sponsor links between drama programmes on ITV3 in the UK. Apparently we're expected to find having the same stupid 'mini-drama' repeated throughout the ad breaks of every programme they sponsor – even if that means repeating umpteen times if there's a run of their programmes.

There's only so many times you can see daft bint treating 'significant events' in her life (marriage, pregnancy, birth) and screaming AXA INVESTMENT!!! every time before it gets too sick. Picture her looking at a pregnancy test stick, then staring into her partner's eyes and telling him "We've got an AXA investment". The ads are also designed to beat you hitting the mute button to shut them up too. One starts with her bursting into a church and screaming AXA INVESTMENT!!!, and they have special one that's slipped in after programme finishes, just so you aren't expecting it, when some sort of adviser appears, and emphasises "AXA Investments"!

In reality, the return from AXA so-called investments has dwindled away to next to nothing over the past few years (idiots probably spent the profits on over-produced adverts), and my financial adviser called me a few weeks ago to point out that they were allowing fund withdrawals from their schemes, such that he could work the terms offered so that I could get out without penalty or cost. Guess what? I bit his arm off and told him to go for it before they changed the terms again.

That's another business that advertises far too much off my list, and the dosh has gone to another group that never advertises, and provides a much healthier rate of return.

Lost business for an advertiser – more business to an non-advertiser.

Result! An advertising Post that fall into the Pleasing category.


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