Honda- current Class Winner for Annoying adverts

After entertaining us with their series of adverts based on things knocking over other things to activate some function on a car, Honda have sunk to an all-time low with their current offerings – not only for their content, but for the budget they've allocated to having them broadcast ad-nauseum.

Thankfully seldom seen nowadays, the "Miming Driver" (looked like a hairy faced biker, and mimed to My Way if I recall correctly – well I never saw it fully, the first few seconds had me reaching for a sick-bag and the remote to change channel) he kept jumping between balloons, race-cars, S2000 etc., has been relegated to occasional release.

The Honda choir however, seems to be on an endless tour of our TV screens, with repeat bookings apparently written firmly into their contract.

While the first one or two viewings of a choir pretending to mimic the sounds of a Honda Accord while it goes out for a drive may have been vaguely interesting, and even amusing, I (and apparently quite a lot of other people who are prepared to say so) quickly, very quickly, found it became tiresome, and then downright annoying.

Not only does it feel as if the repeats are endless, but the advert itself is simply waaaaaaaaaaay tooooooooooo looooooooooooong for its own good, and when repeated again and again, on various channels throughout the course of an evening, is one of the best adverts I've seen so far, for buying a Toyota!


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