Wiki mapping

Every now and then, a little gem bubbles up to make things just a little better.

This week saw the arrival of an add-in recipe for the wiki software I use. Things were a bit dodgy at the start, the writer was a bit too keen to get it uploaded and online, and Version 1.0.1 was so bug-ridden it just didn't work. There was nothing wrong with his programming skills, I haven't gained enough php or JavaScript knowledge to have produced it, but I did know enough to get it working – thanks mainly to fighting with some of my own code elsewhere than used API V2 of Google's mapping application, otherwise I wouldn't have had a clue! I think he just uploaded an old version (why?) by mistake, as he has a similar app running ok on another site. I'd have been really frustrated ifit taken ages to get it working smoothly.

Regardless, it's really great to see the Google maps popping up properly inside the wiki pages now, as a properly integrated part of the articles they relate to, and the codes advancing fast now that its functional, and the clever bits like setting the map size, info boxes, map view, controls etc. can all be commanded from the wiki page, without going near any of the scripting.

It can only get better.


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