Psychological evaluation needed

Totally beyond my understanding, we have yet another series of the Big Brother anomaly. While this might, and I emphasize the might, have been a concept with interest, the fact that everything that happens in it is stage-managed by the producers and participants makes it all rather pointless.

The trouble is, once it starts, you can't get away from. I don't/won't watch it, but the newspapers feature it, TV/radio news broadcasts feature it, TV programmes review it, there are endless trailers and adverts for it, and more than one digital TV channel features endless coverage – supposedly 'live', though you have to wonder at the description when channel-hopping as that seems to include hours of infra-red viewing of people sleeping.

I've no idea what prompted this, some incident was referred to, but listening to the news on the car radio was highly amusing when there was a call for psychological screening and evaluation of the contestants before and during the programme.

HELLO! Wake up and smell the coffee! You don't need to go to that expense to know that they have mental issues. The fact that they volunteered to take part in the programme has told you that already.

They'd be better sending out squads to find the people that find it essential to sit and watch this stuff as if it was a life and death issue worthy of their every waking moment's attention – as per the best Sci-Fi pics, they could all be loaded into lorries a driven away… somewhere… anywhere, as long as it's far away from the rest us, and make sure they can't get back either.

Funniest part was probably that the advice the news report was getting on employing more psychologists was coming from a past participant whose calim to fame when she was on the programme was that if she's had one more brain cell it would have kept the other from dying of loneliness. 

Bring back the Generation Game and up the intellectual level of the current programming. 


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