Over my shoulder?

I'm not paranoid (yet?), but I can'thelp thinking that there's someone, somewhere watching me.

Case 1.

I haven't bothered to update the source code for my favourite wiki system for some weeks, changes were coming along at a great rate, and most weren't relevant, so it wasn't necessary. There haven't been any new releases for weeks (or hints at one) so I decided V2.1.5 could be slotted in to place. Checked the home page the next morning – there was V2.1.6, all shiny and new and waiting to be upgraded to. Well, it can wait!

Case 2.

I jumped at the first issue of winamp 5.2 with many others, and found it to be a pile of cack, like many others. This was followed by a long hunt to find an old 5.12 or 5.13 archived somewhere so I could roll back. 5.2 was released to early, and neither the support (or us users) were ready for all the differences.

Winamp are winding up the 5.1 support (which is fair enough), so I decided to change an upgrade to 5.21, which seem to be getting along without to many user moans (most seem to be from folk to lazy to read the support forum, or too arrogant to believe they should be required to change to work withe the new 5.2 features), either group wants a kick up the backside.

Duly downloaded 5.21 and installed on one PC, and it seemed that it was working acceptably – none of the 'Let's go make some tea or coffee while this does something' behaviour was evident – though it is slower to make lists, and some of it just a little bit less intuitive than before. But, that's the price of progress.

This time, I left it for a couple of days before upgrading the laptop install – I should have expected it, but when I download the new version, it was 5.22, so it looks like back to the desktop for a repeat performance, just to make sure they both have the same version on board.

Or should I leave it for a few weeks…? 


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