Clever, thick and arrogant

Every time I browse the Google Map API group I come out shaking my head in disbelief.

There are clearly some clever people out there, getting the API to do what you want take a certain amount of programming skill and knowledge, but it's clear that many of those taking part are either young and stupid, or have no concept of wisdom.

 There are comments like "I've just invested 3 weeks of work, and the API has changed an moved all my points"; "Why is the street suddenly 20 m west of where it should be"; "Why is the TeleAtlas data different from the Navteq stuff, it should all be the same!"; "Why does my street name disappear on google but not the API"; "Why are the street names near my house not all correct"; "Why don't all the tiles render properly"; "Why did the piece of stunning code I wrote last week stop working this morning"; "Why do the pixels per mile change when I move around the map"; "Why can't I use IP instead of URL for keys" and it goes on to get sillier – "Why is all the imagery like 4 years old" – (Hold on pal, well send a webcam and live feed up just for you).

Clearly, these folk don't bother to read any of the documentation, or waste any of their precious time looking at the discussion group content – far easier to post a question for the umpteenth time and let some mug answer it (again) for them.

The saddest thing is probably that despite their clear brightness, given that many of them have semi-completed applications on show, as that they lack the understanding of precisely what is meant by having the word beta tagged on to the map application, which is a huge undertaking, and depends on the current user base being a beta test group, and expecting their applications to break along the way.

Maybe wisdom will come to their knowledge one day – as for the arrogant ones… 


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