Cleverer and thicker

The Google map API group looks set to be an endless source of amusement.

The genius that asked why the Google satellite imagery was all 4 years old got an answer. An invitation to give Google a few million dollars and they'd probably go out and shoot or buy new stuff just for him! And also a pointer to the small, but significant fact that it was all free. A point not wasted on anyone that's ever looked at the price of individual shots from the other mapping companies that do prints as a chargeable service.

Another cracker popped up yesterday – something along the lines of "Can anyone tell me how, or give me any advice about how to set up a system that I could provide online maps to users with, much along the lines of what Google has done?"

He got more answers, but again, it looked like a few million dollars to set up a web server infrastructure, a few thousand lines of code (or was that thousands of thousands?) and a few data-sets (again, a few thousand or…) and they reckoned he should be in business… sometime.

 He wasn't happy – came back snapping that the idea wasn't to actually do it, just look at the practicalities – read his original post, didn't mention that there. Still, his other brain cell was probably just busy and forgot to mention it. (Wish I'd looked up smileys in here).


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