Taxing technology II

Further to venting a few days ago, after repeated attempts to tax my car online were rejected by the WeSaySo Corporation's Government's shiny new web site, I can record that the process actually went through to completion tonight.

No longer announcing there was a probelm with my insurance, it declared my online WeSaySo records showed that I did indeed have both valid insurance and MOT documentation recorded in the system, and they'd be more than happy to accept 175 of my electronic £s, or 177.50 of them if I wanted to pay even more for the privilege of using my credit card. Yes, sure, eat my debit card and hands off my £2.50!

So, a succes at last, so it should be pleasing, so it gets in the Pleasing category.

It doesn't escape still being in Venting though, because I should be displaying the new tax disc from June 1st, but won't have it for another 5 days – that probably means next week since the weekend falls into that time frame, and that's their fault, but I could still be fined.

On a second Venting point, my insurance renewal is automatic (unless I choose to change insurer) so I have contiunuous insurance in place, yet the system has been complaining for almost 2 weeks that the insurance isn't verifiable.

This just demonstrates one of my other Vents, in that the police and local authourities could confiscate and even destroy a vehicle if their WeSaySo's computer records aren't properly updatated. Since they acknowledge 2 weeks lag, you can bet the reality is going to be longer, and people are going to end up in trouble through no fault of their own, and won't be aware that they've been bitten by shoddy records, rather than a real offence.

One last Vent – on accepting the system's offer to print a receipt, which was only a dozen lines, the daft system still managed to send page 1 (with the expected few lines) and then page 2 (blank, other than to tell me it was page 2, and waste a sheet of paper).

If the page had been (a lot) biggere, I would have previewed it, and saved that waste, but it was so small, it should only have used one sheet. Still, WeSaySo computers and software know best.


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