Global warming

Global Warming isn't a tag I like to be associated with, or be seen to be supporting.

That's not because I don't agree with the overall effect it describes, rather that the phrase has become too much of a Catch-all for all the various effects that come together and cause it. For example, I like the expression Global Dimming, because it is a uniquely identifiable effect, and is very probably more significant than Global Warming, even though it is a major contributing factor to the Global Warming effect. See what I mean about the catch-all effect?

However, I really just wanted to post a note to self, as it were, having got a bit of a surprise when I posted an observation about the predicted acceleration of the melting of the Polar ice-caps. The revelation was that the time scale was looking as if it would be much faster than predicted, as the melting effect was being fed by additional heat gains. A fair enough subject for debate, but that wasn't the response I got.

Instead, I was treated to an account of how the Global Warming phenomenon was just being used a government tool to raise taxes (accepted and true) and that the whole Global Warming thing was based on number that were shown to be in error, and that the effects concerned had all ceased somewhere around 1988, and that it was all now just a load of tosh. I don't think I can append (accepted and true) to that part.

A few years ago, I could understand a few people wanting more proof of the effect, today (as noted above) I don't just accept the whole thing, but that doesn't mean I discount all the parts that go towards it, but I find it beggars belief that anyone (who just has to put their head outside their door and look at the current weather) could regard it as tosh and no longer progressing, advancing, or accelerating.

The sad thing nowadays is not so much the west, who have committed their environmental sins in ignorance, and are now cleaning up behind themselves, but the emergent nations of the east, who appear to have an attitude of "well, we can't afford the anti-pollution measures, and you in the west all made fat profits from the dirty methods, so it's our turn for the profit now, and you can wait until we can afford them or give them to us for free".

Just sounds like global terrorism or blackmail to me, and should be met accordingly, as we will ultimately all pay a heavy price for this attitude.


One Response to “Global warming”

  1. Oh, I so agree with you. And Arctic digging is just the beggining. Here where the oil is (and corn if we would just grow it) all the land is being sold and someday there won’t be the space do develop natural sources of energy, and there won’t be any clues in nature because there won’t be any nature left!

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