Google map fun

I give in – there's just no point in going down the WTF? route with the growing appearance of geeky, daft, stupid, ignorant, adn downright lazy (can't be bothered to read or search) points that are now bogging down the Google Maps API board. It is becoming a nuisance though, as it obscures the serious stuff, and is now being added to by increasing spam for some reason.

It's a dream for nit-pickers, as they seem to have nothing better to do that zoom in on the latest detailed area and post messages with list of stuff like "I've just looked at X and and see that themap show Y and Z streets meet there. Do you realise they've never met, an in fact there are now two houses and a garden there today. Please update your maps immediately and make sure this sort of error is not allowed to be incorporated in future!"

Then there's "Where on earth do you get your data from? It's years our of date. You should be using Map XYZ from Ordnance Survey GB which shows all the locations correctly". If they bothered to follow the map data and copyright links, it would tell them data IS based on OSGB source info.

Another goes on to complain about the use of icons to represent train and underground stations,"fix these so they appear correctly at all zoom levels".

Someone else wants tram lines added, another is listing single letter typos to be corrected.

Today's classic was a request as to whether or not the satellite views were updated real-time images, and if not, where could he go get real time satellite imagery that he could use in his application.

Now, I wonder if he's looking for free real time satellite imagery (and is ready to be disappointed), or if (for a small fee payable regularly to me) he would subscribe to a server where I just happen to host something that might be persuaded to dish out revamped Google satellite image tiles as long as he was in credit?

Seriously, if these questions are genuine, you just have to wonder what the questioners have learnt in their lives, or if they really have been glued to their PC and Mac screens for all that time, and never got out.


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