World cup wasters

Why does rubbish like the world cup (football) get so much worship lorded all aver it, and have the power to sweep everything else out of its way, as if it was important in some way?

All it does is make a bunch of arrogant yob kids think they're some sort of important gods, being paid more per day than most people can earn in a lifetime, and have their fans contribute to their overpaid lifestyles. Then they get older, and get expensive lawyers to them off all the motoring offences they commit, and bring down the value of homes in whatever neighbourhood is unlucky to have them land there.

And then the worst thing they do is have what little offering that pass as motoring programmes knocked of our screens – Top Gear for 5 weeks and Fifth Gear for 3 weeks.

They may not be great, but they're better than watching a bunch of laughing rich men playing in a field with a ball.

Sack the lot and give them jobs stacking supermarket shelves, if they're up to it without the help of a trainer, manager and lawyer. 


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