F1 conspiracy II

2 weeks later, and the F1 session at Silverstone has barely started on TV, and we're still jumping on Schumacher's back.

For me, it just re-enforces my former opinion that he made a mistake at Monaco. If it had been anyone else than Schumacher, the incident would have passed almost without comment, but because it was him, the knives were out and buried deep in his back even before the car had come to a halt. He was tried and convicted before he go out the car, and the verdict was GUILTY. No reason other than his known will to win at just about any cost, and past events – which he has largely acknowledged and admitted.

Today, his body language (for me, a non-Schumacher fan who also found the clip of the new film where he provides the voice of a Ferarri, aren't they Italian, not German?) said he was genuine when he was being interviewed about the incident, but talking later, after being riled by the other drivers, he had shifted to clear irritation, as they were still sticking the boot in.

I think it's a shame and a sad reflection on the others, that the position became one of being assumed guilty even before the wheels of his car came to a stop, and having to prove innocence against the assumption, rather than the other way round.

They really are a bunch of extremely rich and extremely spoilt children, with little better to do than count their money.

They may indeed be risking their lives in those cars, but so does every aviation test pilot (probably a lot more so too) and their behaviour proves they don't really deserve a penny that they're able to demand over what those pilots are paid.

They should all have a few million cut from their ridiculous pay packets, give them £50,000 a year a winner's bonus of £10,000 and see if their histrionics are still so prevalent.


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