Google API users, dumb or what?

You go away for a few days and come back, and you know what? Nothing changes. If anything, it gets worse.

 I think the knowledgeable folk in the API discussion group deserve a medal for their patience – it's clear from some of the truly stupid questions (either the originator doesn't bother to read or search the group, or doesn't actually have a clue) that their answers ar written through clenched teeth, and a desire to beat some sense into the questioner, but they're nice people, and practice restraint.

I did find tonight Inspired Genius offering to be of particular note.

Having come up with a application using the API that clearly breached the Terms of Service, he posted his thought on how Google should re-write the ToS so that his application was no longer in breach. Brilliant! I'm off to draft a recommendation to the local council, telling them how to rejig the local parking regulation so I won't be fined if I park on yellow lines in future.

The best was yet to come though. After I read the replies suggesting how he rework his application so he could still put his idea into practice, he replied by noting it wasn't strictly withing the intent of the ToS, and it would be easier for Google to re-write the ToS as per his suggestion.

Forget the API discussion, this group is worth reading just to learn how dumb people can be, and be happy to be seen in public. 


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