The media are scum

Clearly a broad statement, and not aimed as generally as it sounds, nonetheless today's annoncement of no case against model Kate Moss clearly infuriated them as it robbed them of many months of trial reporting and the resultant sentencing and disgrace that they would have able to make much profit from.

They win either either way though. If the case had gone through (and let's not forget there was no actual evidence, only a photo with no proof – i emphasise the word proof – as to the nature of the substance involved), then the pack could have bayed in victory and claimed that money and fame were no protection from the law. Now they can conveniently forget the cases where the claim people are prosecuted without evidence, and claim that after 9 months (when no evidence or proof was obtained) she is not to be takento court or prosecuted because of her money, position and influnce.

I believe the press and media have to have freedom, despite what the conspiracists would have us believe, that freedom keeps our society free (I didn't say perfect), but that freedom is abused whenever it used just to attack individuals at a personal level, and generate popular headlines just to sell papers and win viewer numbers.

Or, in this case, to wink and say "We know you're guilty, and we're not letting you off". When papers act as vigilantes, people get hurt.


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