Boycott advertisers, please

I do it actively now, will anyone join me?

Lest anyone feel this is unfair to small businesses and decent, industrious people trying to get themselves noticed, then fear not, I’m not referring to ordinary adverts, advertising or publicity that they can largely just afford, but to the mega-buck campaigns that the Big-Boys can afford.

There used to be calls for people like Rupert Murdoch to be curbed because they had too much influence in the media, and had political agendas. That seems like small-fry compared to the likes of, the on-line gambling site that now seems to ‘own’ ITV4, and has its banner ads played at the start and finish of nearly every programme segment on the channel, video would be bad enough, but it repeats the same same irritating tune, and voice-over every time it plays. Thank god for TV remotes and the mute button. Even as I type, I’m having to reach for it every so often as AXA seem to have taken over ITV3, and we get dosed with same blue screen ad for their financial offerings every few minutes. I am so glad I withdrew all the funds I had in their plans a few months ago – endless adverts filling their coffers, and their investment return was one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

Subliminal advertising was banned years ago, there needs to be a similar ban placed on these incessant repetitions of the same messages, hour after hour for days on end. If the same thing was happening in North Korea, there would be protest groups from the west jumping up and down with cries of BRAINWASHING DICTATORSHIP, but because its driven by revenue here, there’s not even a squeak.

Go on, have a look on your shelves and in your cupboards (and on your TV, billboards, taxis, buses, newspapers, magazines, junk mail…) and see how much more expensive (and unpleasant) your life is made by all this junk. Then consider that YOU are paying for it all, as the cost is built into the price of any such advertised item you elect to buy.

Elect NOT to buy it!


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