Ever had one of those days when it would probably have paid to stay away from gizmos?

Today was clearly one such day.

Having found a handy spot in the kitchen for a ‘spare’ small TV, and plumbed it into a video sender (so it could share the main digital feed), I’d got used to having it. I thought the broadcast was at fault this afternoon, as certain channels produced weird height/width effects, while others were fine. After about half an hour of this nonsense, I was fed up (why was it on the channel I wanted to watch?), but then got really fed up when the pic disappeared, and the extremely ticked off when it turned out the problem was across the board, and now we had a silly squeaking noise coming from the guts. This little set is so old, I didn’t bother having a look inside (weird squeaking noises are generally terminal anyway for old-timers), and I reckoned I might as well just slip an old composite video computer monitor into the space, as it was sitting idle, only being pressed into service for occasional video edits in the past. Mistake!

After shuffling it into place, I powered it up and went to grab the video leads from the digital sender, but never got to them. If you guessed that the seldom used monitor had decided that now was an appropriate time to do and impression of a small smoke bomb, you’d be on your way to your next psychic convention.

Smoke’s never good, especially if it appears after a few minutes after there’s been time for heat build-up somewhere, and more extensive damage. I decided the case would come of this one, as the source of the smoke would be a handy clue. As it turned out, the smoke wasn’t needed, as the re-application of power showed that the high voltage transformer had given up, and there was the equivalent of a small arc-light lighting up the room now that the cover was off. Well, it was well and truly fried and cooked, with its age meaning not even a thought of a repair.

Well, at least the bins get emptied tomorrow, so the guts are in there ready to go, and the nice (empty) metal monitor casing is looking for a new job (goldfish tank?).

Great, a TV and a monitor binned in the same day.

The only upside is neither actually need to be replaced… Now, if only the old spare Win95 PC with the TV card didn’t take up so much space.


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