Michael Schumacher – retired

While I’ve never been one of his followers (he’s been a shade too ruthless on occasion), his skills and abilities behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car have never been in question, and make it even more the pity that there are those negative memories of his progress as a multiple World Champion.

Nonetheless, it was a shame that fate chose not to leave him problem free on his final race, although it did provide him with an opportunity to plough through the field from last position to 4th, after his puncture.

Watching the closing stages of the Brazilian race, more than his retiral and forthcoming absence from the F1 circus, the thought that there’s not really anyone of similar interest sitting in the wings as it were, ready to take his place as someone to watch at the head of the field, and be a character in their own right, as he, and most of his predecessors have been.

Maybe next year will be a fresh start, and the next few years will see some interesting characters develop from the current field. I suppose I liked things the way the way a few years ago, when drivers seemed to be around for years, growing and maturing with the sport. Nowadays, they seem to come from nowhere, stay around for a few years, and vapourise if they don’t become world champion after a year or two. Maybe there should be an F1-Idol series. Let them audition in front of a few experts, and just award one the title and cash without the effort of building a career first (kidding).

It was interesting to see the news report that Pele was there for a break, having sadly lost his daughter to cancer a few days ago.


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