Arriving more or less with Firefox 2.o, the full release of IE7 was also recently pushed out by Microsoft’s update service.

Starting with the obvious disadvantage of running those wonderful proprietary options that Firefox simply doesn’t (you know, the ones that make it easy for the naughty folk to drop in things you don’t want to have on your PC), it’s coming from behind to begin with.

Forgetting that, all it seems to do is play catch-up, and with a slightly fussier interface, but at least it does now offer the facilities it lacked in version 6. Still doesn’t offer the obvious bonus of syntax highlighting in source-view though – bummer for coding work.

Still irritates by throwing up quirks and oddities in handling CSS and code that Firefox doesn’t. For example, having decided a forum I maintain was fine, when I slipped it into maintenance/edit mode, whoops, all the centre alignment slipped over to the left. Fortunately, it turned out to be an easy fix to extend the scope of the styling, but still a nuisance as it was fine in IE6 and all version of Fx (plus, by report, in browsers I don’t use).

The install was a bummer too. Firefox takes a couple of minutes to download and install, and is still under 6 Mb. I’ve no idea what size an IE7 install is, but the update/install seemed to take forever (some 15 to 20 minutes, with periods of inactivity when the process looked as if it might have hung, but resisted the temptation to restart, and then also needed a reboot).

So, Firefox remains in place as the browser of choice, and with the advantage that it can toggle between rendering pages itself, or with IE, as it has IE Tab installed, allowing IE pages to be viewed in a Firefox tab.


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