Bang! Oh… NOW I see

For the last three guys that still think Diana’s death wasn’t an accident, maybe this handy video will help:

However, I can’t think of anything that might cure all the lovers of conspiracy theories (maybe a dose of radioactive thallium or a dash of polonium)?

And then there’s the biggest group of ‘Pain in the Butts’ – the authors, who resurrect the event every few years, with the ‘discovery’ of yet another ‘revelation’, suppressed ‘fact’, or anonymous ‘leak’ from some security service agent that suddenly developed a conscience.

I prefer to imagine there’s an ongoing game of ‘chicken’ running between the various authors in this field, as each of them writes a new book, with a new ‘theory’ and then keeps it in reserve, ready to launch as soon as they judge that the sheep that consider their literary fodder to be ‘gospel truth’ have grown so hungry since the last release, that they all flock to the bookshop/internet to buy the next chapter in the on-going (and completely unverifiable and unsubstantiated) story of ‘The facts THEY don’t Want YOU to Know’.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, they writers will be laughing all the way to their Swiss banks accounts, each time they get in there first, and their ‘colleagues’ jump on the bandwaggon to mop up any spare cash.

Of course, the handy video shown above proves nothing, except that I’m able to stage multiple, repeat crashes in an an almost straight, one way section pf tunnel, as it plainly silly to expect anyone to believe that drivers would crash spontaneously under such non-hazardous conditions. It must be deliberate, and organised purely to provide a tool to rubbish the conspiracy theorists with.


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