Blame somebody else

It’s always a good move, especially if you’re painting yourself into a corner, divert attention. Jump up and down, wave your arms… and point at someone else until the paint dries and you can creep away, hopefully unnoticed.

Today, the Scottish Health Minister has come up with the brilliant idea of picking on Kate Moss (incidentally reinforcing her ‘status’ as a celebrity/supermodel) and blaming her as one of the reasons why young girls smoke, and want to smoke.

He might even have point too, young girls seem to suffer brain-fade whenever certain people apper, but he appears to have forgotten one or two small details such as the fact that his government currently permits smoking as a legal, age-limited, activity, which Ms Moss is free to enjoy within the constraints of the law, which she appears to be doing (unlike her earlier games with talcum powder… what? you say it wasn’t talcum?).

Politicians seem to receive calls for their resignation for really daft things – poor old John Reid keeps getting the can thrown at him for things he really has nothing to with, other than being Top Banana. The Scottish Health Minister is really showing his own incompetence with this foolishness and attempt to divert attention from his own poor performance, and he should go resign and do us all a favour.

His judgement should also be questioned, since all he’s done is give yet another fading celeb a wad of free publicity to lift her career, getting her into the papers, and onto the TV news, with many of the pics actually featuring her smoking – smart move Mr Minister sir!


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