Southern Jessies

Britain, or rather England, is in the grip of Snow Hysteria, and it’s given the Health & Safety junkies an excuse to trot out the good old “For Safety Reasons” clause once again.

Subject to what can only be called a heavy dusting of snow in the past couple of days, they’ve been thrown into despair and confusion. Schools are closed en masses, with safety and concern over “Wee Johny” slipping and getting a skint knee. Police are calling for motorists not to make any journeys unless necessary, and to carry warm clothing, blankets and shovels. All this while the TV weather reporters stand in the middle of snow falls that they have to talk up from “We’ve got anything up to 5 or 6 cm” to “But there’s 10 cm or more to come”.

Thankfully, the parents and those affected have more sense, and have described these reactions as overkill. Many are complaining that the authorities to close so many schools at this dusting of snow has cost them, as they’ve had to take time of work to remain at home with their children, and others are complaining that they are losing wages as their employers have closed in response to these warnings. As usual, the motivation for these warning is nothing to do with safety, but to help those who are in fear of being sued if “Wee Johny” should slip and skin his knee, or the adult equivalent.

What will they do if it carries on and the they get some Real Snow? One can only imagine they’ll all be reaching for bottle (or something to ‘End it all’) if they get a real sonowfall that piles up to few feet in depth, and then lies for days or weeks. They’ll all starve to death since all the roads will be closed.

*Jessies = wimp = Big Softy


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