Get your money for nothing

£25 million paid in bonuses to staff in Government department that’s failed to deliver since the day it opened.

The CSA or Child Support Agency has been an embarrassment since it first opened. If it’s not being slated for not collecting or enforcing payment of child maintenance, then it’s hitting the headlines for enforcing ridiculous levels of payment that amount to more than the absent parent earns, let alone can afford to pay. There’s little point in debating either of these, since the CSA’s computerised system for determining the amounts involved has apparently been flawed from day one.

Regardless, recipients claim they don’t receive the monies awarded to them, and the absent parents claim the amounts demanded of them are exorbitant. And, (yet) another Government IT project disappears up its own backside after consuming shed-loads of cash. Cash lost in its production, cash lost in its installation, and cash lost in its abandonment.

However, it was worth having it, since it can be blamed for the problems, and the staff can get off with no blame whatsoever attributed to them. Even though they should (shouldn’t they?) have got off their backsides and manually dealt with the problems, they’re allowed to sit at their screens and shrug their shoulders and say “Not my problem mate, I’m doing my best with the tools I’m given”.

Aye, right. I’d like to see them try that if they were working in the real world, where they customer expects the services they’ve paid for, and if they weren’t sitting behind the protection of a huge and powerful union that the Government doesn’t want to, or can’t afford to, upset.

The staff of the CSA should be shown their bonuses, and allowed to wave them goodbye as they go back into the Treasury pot, because they’ve certainly never earned them, and some would say they’ve never even earned their wages either!

Oh to be a civil servant, Government employee, or have a great big union behind me.But, I’m probably on the ‘worng side of the fence’ for any of those ever to come to pass.


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