Don’t sit down, it’s not safe

Even the TV shopping channels want in on the Health & Safety act.

A little gem was passed to me, relating one channel’s efforts to sell bedspreads and sheets.

Suitably draped over a ‘bed’ to make them look good, the presenter had to keep reminding her guest not to sit on the ‘bed’ -“The Health & Safety people have told us to tell you not to sit on it because it’s only a prop and not strong enough to support your weight if you sit on it“.

How hard is to knock together a few wooden panels to look like a bed and make it strong enough to sit on?

I’ve got scrap lying out the back that would handle someone sitting on it even if I only hammered them together with a few nails – were they trying to get the H&S folk upset, or were the corporate lawyers just pulling out the H&S card to cover themselves?


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