Health & Safety

When I added the Health & Safety category, it was more of a personal gripe about something I was involved in being trivialised and hijacked by the ‘Jobsworth’ brigade. I didn’t really expect it to provide a regular source of observations, but I may have been wrong, and that’s just a little bit sad.

This morning, I saw an English newspaper with the good old headline splash with ‘Health and Safety’ in it, and true to form, it was yet another council looking after its legal interests (i.e. nothing to do with H&S, lots to do with not being sued), and using H&S as an excuse to explain its crazy logic.

It seem that they’re about to cut down the metal goalpost frames on the local playing field, having judged them to be a danger to RAMBLERS, who apparently walk across the field in the dark, and MAY INJURE THEMSELVES if they don’t see the goalposts, and walk into them.

The logic defies belief, and does little to explain why the counci have chosen to not to cut down the swings and other amusements adjacent to the goalposts, in the kiddie’s play area. Do they reckon there’s no danger there, since the ramblers are probably too scared to go near those in case they get targetted and beaten up as paedophiles?


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