200 mph jet camcorder

While not a ‘blog addict’, I do like the opportunity to stick thing in here just so I can recall them later, and I’ve just been too busy elsewhere to get logged in here, however…

I first had contact with RC modellers who could afford to build RC jets around 1999/2000. I knew they weren’t cheap (and I was mentally ‘cost-conditioned’ after dabbling in RC helicopters some years earlier), and carelessly mumbled a figure of around £7 grand for such a venture. Well, once the howls of laughter died down, they suggested a more realistic budget would be around £30 grand based on their adventures, crashes and other assorted ‘real-life’ penalties of owning such a beast and keeping it in the air.

Well, I still like to watch them, and think they are the most realistic thing to hit the sky, both in terms of appearance, and sound. The jet turbines are stunning to hear, and I’d be tempted to have one just to bench-run for the occasional thrill of listening to it spool up.

That brings me nicely to the subject in the title of this post, and I’ll leave the intro the words of the guy that risked all to bring is this little audio-visual gem:-

Ever wonder what it would be like to take a ride inside a 200 MPH RC model jet airplane? Well check this out!… I stuffed a whole camcorder inside the cockpit of my Cermark MB339 turbine jet RC airplane. The engine on the plane is a JetCat p-80. One thing I had not accounted for with the camcorder was the change in CG, therefore the bouncy landing, but otherwise the plane flew well even with the extra weight in the nose.


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