Health & Safety back again

I thought things had gone too quiet on the loony Health & Safety front, and I was right, they were saving their point to launch a classic and more widespread assault on Common Sense (whatever happen to that? It used to pretty important when I was a kid), and land a cracker of an insult on the country’s War Heroes.

A Remembrance Day parade is to be scrapped for the first time in 60 years because of ‘Health & Safety Fears’.

Every year since 1945, the town of Horwich has held a parade to remember its war dead. But thanks to health and safety rules, there won’t be one this year. And there are fears that Remembrance Day marches nationwide may be threatened by similar safety demands, which put severe pressure on budgets.

Organisers in the Lancashire town have previously relied on brief and small-scale road closures put in place for free by the police, to clear the way for the event. But this year, senior police officers said although they will still make no charge, a team of marshals must be employed to man the route at a cost of about £50 a day. In addition, organisers will have to pay for each road they want closed.

To make matters worse, Bolton Council has increased permanent road closure prices from £300 to £800 this year. These costs could bring the final bill to £18,000 – making the November 11 parade too expensive to hold. Usually it would cost only a couple of thousand pounds.

Greater Manchester Police said the extra security is necessary because another force in the West Midlands was successfully sued when Brownies participating in a parade were injured by a car which drove into them while they were marching.

But Bernard McCartin, of the Royal British Legion’s Horwich branch, warned that the cost of imposing further safety measures could affect parades across the country.

Maybe the Elderly Heroes should just carry on and have their parade without asking the Council et al, and see what they do!

Unlike most criminals, drug addict, and muggers, who seem to be coated in Teflon, I’m sure the old participants in the parade could easily be carted off to jail and fine for endangering themselves, and everyone nearby.


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