Lost for words

Having flown RC Helicopters, which is a control experience akin to controlling the position in space of a tennis ball, balanced on the top of two others stacked in the palm of your hand, I can say that the skill of the guy controlling the chopper just can’t be described, but has to be seen.

Not only does he fly the thing at impossible angles, he’s able to loop, spin, and roll it time after time without losing orientation, and carry out his stunts a matter of inches over a concrete runway, finishing off with an inverted hover that all but scrapes the runway.

I’ve seen a few helis fly stunts in the past, but the power to weight ratio of this model, and the degree of rock solid control it demonstrates is an order of magnitude above what I thought I’d been lucky enough to see in the past. You’ll find more if you look for 3D flying, but this pilot seems to have that little bit extra smoothness in his control. Others do similar, but a with a lot more jerkiness, and less apparent stability (seems like the wrong word, but I know what I mean).

Just enjoy…


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