Get Over It Mk II

Winning is by no means guaranteed, but…

So, Lewis Hamilton leads the Formula 1 fight for most of the year, then in the space of the last two races.., doesn’t walk away with the championship, by one point.

With a completely insane tyre strategy in the preceding race, and a mysterious loss of power in his one and only chance to make up for it in Brazil, Lewis Hamilton (and in an unrelated, but equally poor drive, also Alonso), failed to either maintain, or recover, that lead.

Looking at the body language of Ron Dennis, one has to suspect that there is a smattering of ‘back-room’ politics going on somewhere after Alonso’s dirty tricks led to the team losing its manufacturer’s point, but with no public penalty for the drivers, supposedly left alone and free to race for the driver’s crown.

One might suspect (but of course would never dare to suggest) that the governing body of Formula 1 decreed that neither of McLaren’s drivers were to win, and it was up to the team to engineer that in the best spirit of Plausible Deniability, so that the neither they, nor the team had more penalties or fines to administer, and get bogged down with over the coming year or so, making the manufacturer’s penalty the only hassle to be kept on the books.

Still, the Hamilton’s looked reasonably happy at the end, and the drivers have no blots on their records as a result of the ‘Spying Scandal’, although Alsonso is still a creep, out to do whatever he could to upset Hamilton’s run.

The best news of the weekend is that Alonso’s progress was stopped, as he’s not really any sort of advert for this, or any other sport.

I certainly don’t wish Alonso, or anyone for that matter, any harm, but I will be smiling every time I see him crash, go sliding off a race track, or suffer car failure in future. Couldn’t happen to nicer chap, the more the merrier.


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