Get Over It Mk III

If you can stomach it, have a look at the comments posted on the BBC’s forum regarding the final F1 race.

While anyone is free to comment on the race, season, driver’s and teams, the comments there are nasty, personal, bigoted, racist, envious, and childish (to name the first few descriptions that come to mind.

That’s a shame, because there are some interesting observations buried in there, and worth reading, but wading through the abusive and illiterate content makes it hard work, and depressing, as it adds fuel to those that are anti-blog or anti-forum, and makes it hard to convince newcomers that they contain anything worth looking at.

The amount of spite that some seem to have for Hamilton (and his family) is worrying, and makes you wonder why. They also make you wonder what F1 coverage they were watching, as one of the significant factors of the year has been Hamilton’s near absence from the screen during the non-race coverage, and (as far as I know) only one documentary being screened elsewhere that covers his life up to his first F1 season. It would seem that some think he came into existence at the start of this year, and entered F1 as if it was some sort of pre-destined and privileged right, and are unaware of his early karting days, or lesser wins and years in the formulas leading to F1.

Of the many drivers that have indeed bought their seat in F1 with a few million dollars to their team’s coffers, Lewis Hamilton is most definitely NOT one of the rich playboys, although the success of his achievements may have changed that now.

Jealousy, not nice.


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