For god’s sake, it’s a bunch of losers chasing a daft shaped ball around field.

Those of us with no interest have had to endure endless “Isn’t the English rugby team god’s gift to the world” for weeks because they made it to the final, now they’ve had their butt kicked by the South African team, and we’re still having to put up with “What a great bunch of guys, didn’t they do well?


Remember the good old days, when we had winners and losers? Now we have to have winners all round, in case someone gets an inferiority complex, “It’s not about winning, it’s about taking part”. What a load of rubbish, and endlessly fostered by schools, too frightened to tell kids the truth, and that they’re RUBBISH at something, in case mummy or daddy come around and deck one of the teachers, or sues them for ‘damaging’ their budding little Einstein.

Forget the rugby team, it’s as useless as the football team. They never win (or not often enough to be worth mentioning) BUT THEY STILL TAKE HOME MILLIONS, and the hustle is what it’s all about, to fleece the ‘fans’, empty their pockets, and line those of the players.

So far, every Sunday morning programme (even including the TV shopping channels – of which one is offering free p&p on everything to ‘make up for the rugby’) has mentioned this damned rugby rubbish this morning, as if losing the game was some sort of great achievement.

I’m surprised they’re not all rigging up some sort of Phone-In, where the public can be conned into parting with their money as a ‘Thank You Bonus’ for the players when they arrive back home – £1.50 per minute while they listen to the loser’s apology and the sound of the team crying, plus £1.50 for the call, and a further £1 just to round it up to £10.

That should make a few hundred grand to share amongst the players and stop them committing suicide when they get back, and put a few million in the back pocket of whoever organises the Phone-In.

It’s a sad reflection of how the dopey ‘Taking Part’ philosophy is patently an absolute and obvious failure, as the two teams that make it to the final (assuming there’s no ‘fixin’ of the matches) must both of similar abilities, and barring a draw (which the fixers definitely won’t allow) the real outcome on the day is not which team wins, which which team is not at its best on the day, and loses.


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