The funny side of reality

I really don’t have much time for the vast majority of blurred, jumpy, rubbish that is posted as online video, and think that it might be a good idea to track down many of the owner/producers and having a worldwide cull – it might improve the human gene pool no end. That said, considering the lengths that some go to in order to make ‘their’ 5 minutes of fame notable, they’re likely to remove themselves anyway, as their stunts become increasingly desperate in order to gain attention.

That said, every so often, a little gem will bubble up to the top, and bring a genuine smile. This one reminded of me the days when we used to tune engines and occasionally forgot to keep things like gaskets, rags, and other objects a safe distance from the air intake when testing at high revs. The result was either alarm as something shot off into the guts of the engine (or got trapped en route if you were lucky), or a fruitless search for something you ‘knew’ you had seen a few minutes ago…

(With my apologies for having to include the start with gross facial closeup view of the gimp in the T shirt).


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