Rubbish Telly II

After commenting on  Quality Telly, it seems only fair to comment on Rubbish Telly, again. It’s too easy to do, since most of the content can be placed into this category without too much effort, but I think it’s justified in this case since the opportunity arises from the spoiling of the subject of the Quality Telly comment, namely Secret Army.

Although Secret Army is being provided by UKTV History, the commercial side of the BBC, and we might reasonably have expected that pedigree to have spared is from the worst vices of the advertising whores, as typified by those at providers like ITV, this has failed to be the case, particularly as the third and final season of Secret Army airs. Demonstrating more interest in selling what they perceive as peak advertising space to their sponsors than maintaining the quality of the material they are broadcasting, UKTV History has all but ruined the conclusion of every episode of the final season.

Instead of wasting the programme in the usual way, by breaking it up with three or four (or five or six if you’re ITV) ad breaks in the hour, and subjecting us to the now obligatory channels ident tags glued into them as well, AND the ads that usually appear between the programmes too, they’ve chosen to completely destroy any atmosphere and tension that the closing minutes of the episode may have built up by inserting an ad break just as the episode reaches its conclusion, a matter of only a few minutes from the rolling of the closing credits.

Worse still in this particular case, and something that the even ITV has not been seen to do (yet?), the stupid voice-over that seems to have become obligatory over the closing credits, and which tells us we can see the next episode tomorrow, also tells that the next programme will be along immediately, without and ad break.

This means that they have not only chosen to spoil the closing minutes of the current programme, but that they didn’t even have to, as they haven’t sold the advertising space between it and the programmed immediately following it. They could have inserted the ads between the programmes if they had wanted to, but actually chose to break up its last few minutes for an unnecessary and unwanted, irrelevant interruption, purely placed so they could make a few more pennies.

All you can do is vote with your feet as it were, and simply not buy any of the products advertised, however this option doesn’t work for me at least, since apart from making efforts to avoid even seeing the ads, I tend not to by any of the junk products that need TV advertising, and I certainly don’t need any of the services advertised, since I manage to live my live without needing loans or accident lawyers.

How can I put it subtly?

Advertisers – scum of the earth.

Seems pretty close – not needed, and you pay for and finance them every time you buy something whether or not you want to. And they operate purely by blackmail, turning up at their client’s doors with dire warning of “If you don’t advertise, your competitors will, and you’ll lose sales – you can’t afford NOT to keep using us”! So, instead of being fired, they walk out with an even bigger contract, and prices go up again.


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